Summer Airshows and Restaurants in Traverse City – TCP003

Checking in at the beginning of Summer 2017.

Looking forward to the Cherry Festival Airshow this year with the USAF Thunderbirds and the Traverse City Coast Guard Air Station’s new H-60 Helicopters.

A few new Restaurants in Traverse City to check out.

More coming soon here at Traverse City Podcast dot com!

Snow in Traverse City – tcp002

TCP Update for 10 Dec 2016

6 inches of snow and it’s still falling. First Lake Effect event for the year here in TC.

I talk about Denny’s coming to Traverse City and my favorite burger joints that are NOT chains. I also talk about my favorite and most improved bar/resturant in TC, Schelde’s

Also, Omelette, formerly from WKLT is on the Podcast airwaves at – Go check him out for more Traverse City flavor.

Until next time, I’m your humble host, Mike Dell

Omelette is Back –


Omelette is back on the air! He has started his new podcast over at

He will be talking about local goings on in Traverse City and talking to his Friends and some of the regulars from his Radio show. The show will be released on Mondays and Thursdays. There will also be videos, some live call-ins and other fun stuff.

Get over to his site and press the approbate button and subscribe to the show so you will not miss an episode!

Clinch Park Beach

Late Summer Update

Plans are in the works for the relaunch of the TC Podcast and Blog.

I will begin to update the site more often as soon as we work out a few more details with the web address.. Currently you can use either or to get here. That is likely to remain the same. You can go ahead and subscribe but the RSS feeds will be changing to feeds. You shouldn’t notice anything different if you subscribed to the feeds as I will have a redirect in place.

Enough of the geeky stuff.

The plan is to start putting out short episodes with either news, events, history or whatever Traverse City Related. No schedules.

I am looking for some Traverse City based reporters, writers or podcasters that would like to contribute to the site. If you think you might be interested, let me know. is the best email to use. This will be a volunteer effort for now but as we build up some content and get some advertisers for both the blog and the podcast, there might be a few dollars in it at some point.

As we get closer to fall, I’m looking forward to the outdoor projects to be finished so I can start producing the podcasts that I do when the weather is not so good 🙂

See ya soon on the “airwaves”!